eBooks-on-demand (EOD)

All books printed before 1920 and no longer under copyright may be requested as e-books. This is made possible through eBooks-on-Demand (EOD), a European digitisation collaboration of libraries.

You can make an EOD request directly in the catalogue record in the University Library’s online library catalogues DISA and Catalogue -1962, as well as in the national library catalogue LIBRIS. The book will be digitised in its entirety. Materials marked with the EOD link may be requested. By following this link with the EOD symbol, a user friendly and multilingual order form will guide you through the ordering process.

Price and delivery

The requested book will be scanned page by page and delivered as a PDF file that has been created using OCR. You may also request a printed copy. Books are normally delivered within 10 business days. Once completed, you will be notified that the book is ready for payment and delivery. Payment is made with credit card. Once payment is received, the book will be delivered as a downloadable PDF file.

Each book has a start fee of SEK 100 plus SEK 3 for each page.

The first user who orders a digital copy pays for the initial digitisation. The digital copy then becomes available to others in the Alvin database.

The European network Eod

The University Library is part of the European eBooks-on-demand (EOD) network.

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  • EOD (the network’s search tool)

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