Price list for digitisation

To order complete digital copies of books printed before 1920, please use the service eBooks on Demand (EoD)

Digital copies

The price is set regardless of quality or format, and you may request multiple options for the same cost. We offer the following options:

  • 400 ppi TIFF (for detailed study and publication)
  • 200 ppi PDF (for reference and research, collects pages in one portable file)
  • 200 ppi JPG (for reference and on-screen viewing)

For larger orders and projects, please contact the library for correct price and delivery time.

Digital copies: Price/page Fee
Single copies from books and manuscripts, maps, letters etc. SEK 20 SEK 100
Entire works in manuscripts, photo albums, etc. consisting of 5 pages or more SEK 5 SEK 100
Extraordinary materials
(large format A1-A0, delicate or time consuming material.)
SEK 100 SEK 100

Books printed before 1920
via eBooks on Demand (EOD)

SEK 3 SEK 100

The price is always set per page. Double-page spreads can be provided if appropriate in accordance with our preservation policy.


Digital files are delivered by e-mail. You will receive a notification by e-mail with a link to the files for downloading. Prints on paper A4-A3 will be offered if the item is in copyright, SEK 5 /page.

Delivery time is normally 5–10 working days. Express delivery (delivery within 5 days) is possible after agreement and for an additional cost of 100% per object.


Payment may be made by debit/credit card or invoice. If you choose card, the University Library will e-mail you a link to a secure online card payment system. If you choose invoice we will e-mail you a link to your invoice.