Ordering digitisation

You can order images of millions of items in the library's collections, but some things are off-limits for copyright reasons. The library offers high-quality digital images to use for study and publication.

When you place an order for digitisation, you are contributing to fill Alvin – platform for digital collections and digitised cultural heritage. Once the digital files have been delivered to you, they will also be free to use for everyone. 

Before you place an order

Many items from the library's collections have already been digitised and are available to download for free from the Alvin and DiVA databases. Patrons are encouraged to check there before placing an order.

How To place An order

If you would like a full copy of a book printed before 1920, the easiest way is to order it directly in the local library catalogue DISA, Catalogue -1962 or the National Library catalogue LIBRIS through eBook on demand - EoD.

If you would like to place an order for parts of a work or materials that are not in the catalogues, for example a manuscript, music score, photo or map, please use Digitisation Request Form

To handle your order we need the following information:

  • Your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.
  • Information about the materials you would like to have digitised, for example title, author, and year of print/origin
  • If applicable: shelfmark or other unique identifier for the material
  • If applicable: pages/folios
  • Type of files you would like to have delivered (See price list for digitisation)
  • Preferred form of payment: debit/credit card or invoice.

Prices, delivery and payment

See Price list for digitisation

Terms of publication

If you wish to reproduce materials from the library´s collections, we recommend you use our professionally produced digital images. If the work is under copyright, you need written consent from the holder of the copyright. Uppsala University Library does not claim any copyrights. 

The source information for all material published in print or electronically may be indicated as follows: The source information: Photographer: Name of photographer, the original belongs to Uppsala University Library, followed by shelfsign/shelfmark

Digitise your old thesis

A large part of Uppsala University's scientific production before 2003 (when the DiVA publication of theses became compulsory) does not exist in digital form. Now you can easily make your thesis digitally accessible to everyone. It will then be searchable in both national directories, e.g. DiVA, LIBRIS, SwePub, as in the international search engine Google Scholar. The Library offers you who have a PhD at Uppsala University help to digitise your thesis and make it available in DiVA.

We need your approval to be able to digitise and publish your thesis. Download agreement for approval for digitisation and publishing. Print, fill in and sign the approval. Scan or photograph and send via e-mail to fraga.biblioteket@ub.uu.se