Rules for using Uppsala University Library

Table of contents:

Visitor and library regulations

  1. Uppsala University Library is a public research library. Collections and services are primarily intended for researchers, teachers and students at Uppsala University, but may also be used by the general public.
  2. The Library consists of several units. For information about each unit, please see the Library website: For the Almedal Library, Campus Gotland, special rules apply.
  3. Users of the Library’s services are obliged to comply with the rules for using Uppsala University Library. Visitors should comply with the regulations that are given via notices or verbal instructions from the Library officials.
  4. Library material shall be handled carefully and be protected against damage.
  5. Anyone disturbing the activities on the Library premises, not complying with the borrowing rules or otherwise misusing the Library’s information resources and services may, following a decision by a department manager, have the right removed to use the Library and to be present on its premises. For University employees and students, special discipline rules in employment law and according to Chapter 10 Section 1:3 of the Higher Education Ordinance (SFS 1993:100) apply.

Electronic resources

  1. Employees and students have access to the Library’s electronic resources, such as databases, e-periodicals and e-books also outside the University premises via their personal logins issued by the University. Because of the applicable license agreements, other visitors only have the opportunity to use the Library’s electronic resources on the Library premises. This is done by applying for a guest account when visiting the Library.
  2. Those who use the Library’s e-periodicals, e-books and other database material must comply with the license conditions. Printout and downloading may only be done for private use in accordance with the Act on Copyright in Literary and Artistic Works (SFS 1960:729 ). Research and studies are counted as private use in this respect. Other limitations may exist in certain license agreements.

Library card

  1. Anyone who has turned 18 years and has a Swedish identity document, passport or photographic identification, can apply for a library card. Anyone lacking a Swedish identity document who intends to use the Library for studies or research may be registered as a borrower during the time he or she is present in Sweden. A permanent home address shall then be registered in the borrower register. Persons under 18 years may also obtain a library card following special assessment.
  2. The library card should be treated as a valuable. The holder is responsible for the borrowing registered to the borrower, and for ensuring the card is not used by any unauthorised person. Loss of the library card should be reported to the Library immediately, in order that the card can be blocked against unauthorised use. Lost cards are replaced against a fee.
  3. Borrowed items are issued against display of the library card, or use of the card in a self-checkout. The library card is for personal use, but borrowings may be registered on behalf of another person using that person’s library card.
  4. When you request a library card, you enter into an agreement with Uppsala University Library in which you undertake to comply with the rules applicable to borrowing and to pay the fees incurred if the borrowed items is not returned on time.
  5. Immediately report change of postal address and change of email address to the Library so that the borrower register can be updated.
  6. Data about an individual’s borrowing, orders and reservations are protected according to Chapter 40 Section 3 of the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (SFS 2009:400).

Personal data handling and personal data controller

  1. Uppsala University is the personal data controller for processing of personal data within Uppsala University Library. We care about your privacy and all processing is done in accordance with the Data Protection Act as well as with future national legislation. More information about the University’s data protection policy is available at.
  2. The data submitted in connection with an application for a library card includes name, address, personal identity number, phone number (optional) and borrower category. This information is required so the University Library can administer library borrowing.
  3. Your personal information will not be processed for any other purpose than to administer the borrowing and will not be disclosed to any third-party outside of Uppsala University. An exception to the principle of providing personal information to a third-party is made if we must enlist the services of a debt collection agency to recover outstanding debts.
  4. You have the right to request information about your personal data that is processed at Uppsala University and, among other things, have the data corrected or deleted and in some cases make objections to how it is used. In such cases, contact the University’s data protection officer via the portal at Uppsala University’s website for personal data processing.

You can also reach the data protection officer by e-mail at For questions about the University Library’s operations and the personal data processing it involves, contact Ask the library.

Borrowing rules

  1. The borrower is normally guaranteed to retain the borrowed item for 30 days. For course books, a 7 days’ borrowing period normally applies. The borrower may retain the book thereafter until it is requested by another borrower, or until the borrowing period has definitively ended. For certain books, an absolute time limit of varying length applies, after which the book must be returned, even if not requested by another borrower. The Library catalogue states the borrowing periods that apply for each individual book.
  2. The borrower is obliged to ascertain when the borrowing periods end and to return material at the correct time, or to extend the loan. This can be done on the Library website via the link “My loans” . The borrower is responsible for the item until it is returned to the Library and has been de-registered in the borrowing system.
  3. The borrower can normally re-borrow the item twice via the Library website via the link “My loans”. Thereafter, the item must be returned to the Library or be displayed.
  4. Material for research and studies that is not held by Uppsala University Library may be borrowed from a remote source by researchers and students at Uppsala University.
  5. Borrowing from a remote library within the Nordic countries is usually free of charge. For borrowings from libraries outside the Nordic countries, an administration fee is charged. Borrowing periods and other rules in connection with borrowing from remote sources are determined by the lending library. Copies of material that is not held by Uppsala University Library may, within copyright and licensing rules, be acquired from a remote source, against a fixed fee.

Material with special borrowing conditions

  1. Reference materials and periodicals shall, as a rule, be studied at the library unit in question.
  2. For certain material, among them course books, special borrowing rules apply. The Library catalogue states the borrowing periods that apply for each individual book.
  3. Material printed before 1900 shall, as a rule, be studies in the reading room at the library unit in question, and may not be borrowed. Also for some more recent material there are limitations to the borrowing right.
  4. Unique material (manuscripts, maps, images, etc.) may as a rule only be studied in the Special Reading Room or the special reading room of the Map and Image Unit, both at Carolina Rediviva. Printed material from before 1851 may as a rule only be studied in the Special Reading Room. See the rules that apply for the special reading rooms.

Demands and replacement of damaged or lost material

  1. When the borrowing period has expired or the material has been requested by another borrower, a demand will be issued for it, however no earlier than at the expiry of the guaranteed borrowing period. If the material is not returned, the borrower will be blocked from any further borrowing until the material is returned.
  2. If material requested by another borrower is not returned after a demand has been issued, the original borrower is obliged to pay an administration fee of SEK 250. The same applies if the book is not returned after the possible re-borrowings have been made and the definitive borrowing period has expired.
  3. The administration fee shall always be paid, even if the material is returned. Unpaid fees result in a block against any further borrowing.
  4. If the borrowed material is not returned, the borrower will also be invoiced the replacement value of the material.
  5. Payment may be made via the Library’s plusgiro account 18 35 32-1, enter your name and the barcode or title of the book. It is also possible to pay at our libraries, they offer different payment options. Please contact Ask the Library for more information.
  6. Damage to borrowed material that arises during the borrowing period shall be compensated for by the borrower. All repairs are made by the Library. Damaged material belongs to the Library even after such compensation has been paid.
  7. For as long as a borrower is liable to compensate the Library for any administration fee, damaged or non-returned material, the borrower is blocked from any further borrowing.


  1. There are copiers in or in conjunction with the Library premises. The user is responsible for ensuring that any applicable copyright rules (SFS 1960:729) are complied with in copying. Some older or fragile material may not be copied by users. 

The Library rules were revised 2018-09-24.