Access to e-resources from home

Most of the Library's e-journals, e-books and databases are not free. We buy them or subscribe to them. This means that we are bound by agreements to provide access to them only to students, researchers and others at Uppsala University. Therefore, if you are at home or travelling and want to access an e-journal or database you need to follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in via the Library's website
    Go to Uppsala University Library's website and click on the link to the e-journal, database or e-book that you are interested in.  A proxy function, which enables you to log in via the University's CAS (Central web authentication) page, is embedded in these links and after logging in you will get free access to all of the Library's e-resources. Log in with your user-ID and password A.

  2. VPN service
    For employees at the University who need to work remotely or get access to the University resources during a business travel, it is possible to connect to the University network via VPN service (Virtual Private Network). Using the VPN service requires your user ID at Uppsala University and password A. Instructions are available on the University's website: VPN service

  3. Create direct links to particular resource
    You can create direct links to individual articles, books or other e-resources. With such a link, you don't have to go via the Library's website or use a VPN to access that particular resource.

  4. Login for Uppsala County Council employees
    To access the e-resources that the County Council subscribes to, go to Sök information – E-biblioteket. At your workplace you automatically have access. However, outside of your workplace you need to log in. Use the same credentials as those needed for your computer and e-mail. 

Last modified: 2021-09-27