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Sweden's Universities, through the Bibsam consortium, have cancelled their agreement for journals with publisher Elsevier. Due to this, articles published after 1 July 2018 will not be available for researchers at Uppsala University. Articles published before will be available as usual. The Library's subscriptions from Elsevier, such as e-books and databases, are not affected by the cancellation.

The Bibsam Consortium (administered by The Royal Library/Kungliga biblioteket) have decided not to renew the agreement with Elsevier since Elsevier cannot meet new demands of Open Access for their publications. The Bibsam Consortium is acting on recommendation from the vice chancellors of all Swedish universities.

Negotiations between the Bibsam Consortium and Elsevier have resumed, and the aim is to reach an agreement in 2019. A Memorandum of Understanding signed last spring clarifies the principles for renewed negotiations. The parties have agreed in the memorandum that the starting point in the negotiations is a model including both reading access and publication costs. Download the Memorandum of Understanding 

The consequences of terminating the previous agreement in June 2018 have also been evaluated. During the year two questionnaires were sent out, and more than 4,000 researchers from all fields of study and 41 employees at libraries of higher education institutions have responded. The surveys examined how researchers are dealing with the termination and how it affects them in their work. The results show that many have been adversely affected by not having access to articles. Almost half of the responding researchers have a negative view of the termination, while almost 40 per cent are positive. The termination has also affected some libraries, but not as much as feared. Several libraries have chosen to invest the money made available by the termination in other open access initiatives or other electronic resources, while others wait and see.

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Presentation from the information meetings on 21 and 22 August

Elsevier journals included in the agreement

Ordering article copies

You can still request a copy of articles from Elsevier journals. As long as there is no agreement for journal articles with Elsevier, there is no cost associated with requesting any articles for researchers associated with Uppsala University.

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Contact the author or other researchers for access to articles

As an alternative to ordering a copy of the article, you can contact the author and ask for access. Researchers have the right to share articles with each other as long as the publisher allows scholarly sharing. By using the add-on Open Access Button you can send a request to the author asking them to deposit the article within publicly accessible archives. There are also social platforms for researchers, such as ResearchGate and

Beeing a researcher, can I still choose to publish in, be an editor for and/or review scholarly articles in Elsevier journals?

Yes, there are no restrictions for Swedish researchers to do this.

In Finland many researchers chose to support the Finnish consortium FinELibs negotiations with Elsevier by not agreeing to review articles for Elsevier: ”No deal, no review”. In Germany, where negotiations with Elsevier have stalled, researchers resign editorship of Elsevier journals to support the German Universities' negotiations with Elsevier

If you are considering publishing Open Access in a journal from another publisher it might be good to know that researchers at Uppsala University sometimes are eligible for discounts on article-processing charges for open access articles.

Can Uppsala University sign their own subscriptions?

Signing subscriptions might undermine future negotiations with Elsevier and should therefore be avoided as far as possible.

Questions regarding the agreement can be directed at Gunilla Sundström E-mail: Telephone: +4618-471 3996


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