Earth Sciences Library

Study spaces

Group rooms, can be reserved


Quiet study halls

36 (of which 6 have computers)

Workplaces with computers


Workstations with computers on desks that can be raised and lowered


Various spaces for group work or individual studies


Sofas that seat two





The Earth Sciences Library is not staffed but staff can be contacted at Ask the Library.

Borrowing books
Use the self-service machine (to the left when you enter the library) to check out books. Books available for pickup (interlibrary loans included) can be found at the same place. You don't need to register your interlibrary loans.

You can extend the loan period of a borrowed book at My loans.

Returning books
Use the self-service machine (to the left when you enter the library) to return books. After registering the book, place it in the bookdrop. You may also return books from our other libraries. The bookdrop is empited once every weekday.

Course books

  • Geosciences
  • Human Geography

The same books might also be available at other libraries.

Food and drink

  • Coffee, drinks and snacks are okay, but food is not allowed in the library.
  • There is a cafe and a lunch restaurant in other parts of the building.


The library is on the entrance floor of the building.

There is a door opener into the building at the main entrance closest to the carpark. There are no door openers to the library, the quiet reading halls or the group rooms.

Street address: Villav. 16
Postal address: Villav. 16, 752 36 UPPSALA