Adam Helms Lectures

Who was Adam Helms?

The publisher Adam Helms was an innovative spirit within marketing in the book industry and a pioneer within international co-productions between publishers.

Helms was born in Denmark in 1904 and worked there in the book selling business. In 1939 he married Greta Nilsson, a Swede who was active in the publishing industry, and moved to Stockholm. Through Greta, he received a position at the Bonnier bookshop for imported books. The couple helped revolutionise the Swedish book club system through Bokklubben Svalan during the early 1940s. When the Bonnier group was formed in 1944, Helms was given charge of the publishing firm Forum. The company was to primarily release new editions of classics, but Helms also purchased new literature, which became a major success, thanks in large part to his modern approach to marketing. In 1971, Helms left Forum and started the publishing company Trevi together with his colleague Solveig Nellinge. Trevi made a name for itself by primarily publishing female authors.

At his death in 1980, he left the Swedish Publishers’ Association an extensive collection of books about book marketing, book publishers and book selling. Through a donation, this collection is now a part of Uppsala University Library: Adam Helms Collection of Books in the History of Publishing and Bookselling.

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Previous Adam Helms Lectures

Some previous lectures are published in printed form in Adam Helms’ Lecture Series, and are also available in PDF format in DiVA. Lectures held 2009–2016 have been filmed and can be viewed at Stockholm University Library’s website: Previous Adam Helms’ Lectures.

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Martha Woodmansee - Publishers, Privateers, Pirates. 18th Century German Book Piracy Revisited

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Michael Krüger - Giants and Dwarfs. Notes at the End of Reading

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P. D. James - Murder and Mystery. The Craft of the Detective Story

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