Arabic Printed Books

The Arabic collection at Uppsala University Library at present contains ca 15 000 printed items. Most of them were published during the 20th century. In the first place we there find books on subjects from the humanities, Islamic theology and law. The history of medicine is particularly well represented in the group that deals with subjects within the history of science.

Printed text in arabic.

The oldest works, which were published before 1800, counts around 100 volumes. These include European works printed in the 16th and 17th centuries, which were acquired by the well known Swedish travellers and book collectors Johan Gabriel Sparwenfeld (1655-1727) and Jacob Jonas Björnståhl (1731-1779).

Among the most interesting books from the 18th century are those printed at the Monastery of St. John in Dayr al-Shuwayr in Lebanon, which were bought by Adolf Fredrik Sturtzenbecker, the priest of the Swedish Legation in Constantinople, on his travels in the Middle East.

The collection of works from the 19th (ca 1 000) and early 20th centuries was enriched above all in 1899 by a sumptuous donation of books from the Swedish King Oscar II, which he had received from participants in the 8th International Congress of Orientalists held in Stockholm and Kristiania in 1889. In addition there was a bequest of the library belonging to the famous orientalist Carlo Landberg in the 1920s. The Library has been acquiring Arabic publications regularly since this time.

Most of the collection, both the modern and the older parts, can be found in the national catalogue Libris, as well as in the local catalogue Disa. Thus they can also be found using our search tool.

The transcription system used for cataloguing is that of the Library of Congress. 

Further reading

Bernhard Lewin, "Uppsala universitetsbiblioteks samling av arabiska 1500- och 1600-talstryck". In Donum Grapeanum: festskrift tillägnad Anders Grape på sextiofemårsdagen den 7 mars 1945. - Uppsala, 1945. - p. 577-604.


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