Adam Helms Collection of Books in the History of Publishing and Bookselling

The publisher Adam Helms (1904-1980) left an extensive collection of books within his special area of ​​interest – the book market.

The collection consists mainly of literature on the history of the book, publishing history, booksellers and bookprinters from the nineteenth century onwards. Most of the books are published in the Nordic countries, but there are also foreign titles. The collection also includes archive materials. The collection is a rich source material on the history of the book, especially on publishing history in the twentieth century.

The collection is only accessible Monday-Friday 10:00-16:00.

After Helm's death in 1980, the collection was donated to the Swedish Publishers' Association (SvF). In 1987, it was deposited at the Stockholm University Library.

In 2019 the collection was donated by SvF to Uppsala University Library, where it is today.

Photographer: Magnus Hjalmarsson


On Adam Helms and his Collection

  • Innan bilden bleknar. Några röster kring Adam Helms, Stockholm: Trevi, 1981.