Posters and charts

The Library's considerable collection of Swedish posters from the 19th century to the 1960s span a whole period of Swedish cultural history and development.

Not all of the material is available yet and searches can only be done at present using the year and place where they were printed. When all the posters in the Uppsala University Library have been ordered and made searchable, they will become a complement to the poster collection at the National Library of Sweden in Stockholm.



We have only a small selection of Swedish posters from the 1970s onwards, which however includes information about important events and posters that are connected with specific individuals. Questions about other posters should be directed to the National Library of Sweden.

The Library has a collection of posters from the Russian Revolution. Apart from these there are few foreign posters in the collections.


Charts is a term that has been used collectively for various kinds of pictures irrespective of techniques or categories. It is still used for the large topographical, historical, cultural-historical and art-historical picture collections. There are roughly 100,000 charts in these subjects.

School charts

Wall charts with pictures summon up a certain way of teaching in schools. We own a representative collection of 20th century Swedish school and educational charts. Some of these school charts have been used at the Teacher Training College in Uppsala.

Digitised poster collections

Our collection of Swedish circus posters from 1830 to 1900 contains about 600 posters.


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