Engravings and lithographs

The collections contain examples from the infancy of modern printing up to our own days and they cover various motifs: scenes from everyday life, topographical views, historical scenes and portraits.

We have examples from the 15th century of large prints from woodcuts to copperplate, steel engravings to 19th century colour lithographs.

In the collection we have items by both foreign artists (e.g. Albrecht Dürer, Rembrandt, Andrea Mantegna, Claude Mellan, Jacques Callot, Antonio Tempesta) as well as Swedish artists (Elias and Johan Fredrik Martin, Anders Zorn etc.).

The greater part of the collections of engravings and lithographs were acquired during the 19th century through a number of donations. Two of the more important ones were from Major General Carl Hård (1834), with approx. 6,000 engravings and lithographs and the alderman and master tanner Jacob Westin (1877) which included 28 portfolios of portraits, mostly graphic prints. A third important donation was the 20,000 engravings and lithographs which accompanied Carl Gustaf von Brinkman's great book donation in 1847.

A number of very interesting lithographs were donated to the Library in the 1920s and they are a collection of typical posters from the Russian Revolution.  

There is a catalogue for the collection of engravings and parts of the lithographical collection at the Section for maps and pictures.

Special catalogue of Claude Mellan's engravings

Ekholm, Gunnar - Catalogue des gravures de Claude Mellan. Prédécé de notices sur la collection de gravures de la bibliothèque. Uppsala 1913. (Les gravures célèbres de la Bibliothèque de l’Université Royale d’Upsala).


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