Letters from the French Revolution digitized

5 juli 2017

The execution of Marie Antoinette October 16, 1793

A volume of letters from the Gustavian collection at Uppsala University Library has been digitized. There are a total of 143 letters from European royalty written between 1769 and 1792, among most are addressed to Gustav III.

Among these are letters from Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, with comments on the situation in 1790, during the French Revolution. Here is also a letter from the Italian Princess Maria Amalia of Parma, sister of Marie-Antoinette, who thanks Gustav III for what he did for the French royal family and the Varennes flight. There she also deplores the French king's inability to make strong decisions and his lack of courage.

You find the scanned letters and a full list of senders in Alvin - platform for digital collections and digitized cultural heritage: Letter from foreign rulers and princes to the King

This volume is a part of the Gustavian collection, which contains documents from Gustav III and other materials from his time. Here you find an archive list of the collection: Gustavian collection