Facsimile of Codex argenteus on display at Carolina Rediviva

15 juni 2017

The display of the Codex argenteus

Codex argenteus will not be on display during the renovation of Carolina Rediviva. During this time, there will be a facsimile on display in the temporary entrance hall at Carolina Rediviva.

Codex argenteus - which means the "Silver Book" - is Sweden's most valuable book and one of the world's most famous manuscripts. Codex argenteus is a unique manuscript written in the now extinct Gothic language and the foremost source to what we know about the language. Many tourists have visited the library to see the Codex argenteus.

Until the reopening of the exhibition in 2019, there will be a facsimile on display in Carolina Rediviva’s entrance hall: Opening hours for Carolina Rediviva

Read more about Codex argenteus and browse in a digital copy on our website: Codex argenteus