Universities cooperate to develop platform for digital collections and digitized cultural heritage

20 december 2016

Page from the Emperor's bible

The three university libraries in Uppsala, Lund and Gothenburg have formed a consortium in order to develop the digital platform Alvin together.

The purpose of Alvin is to preserve and make digitized collections in various media formats available. Currently, the database contains around 75 000 entries from the three members of the consortium and several other Swedish cultural heritage organizations, such as Linköping City Library and the Hagströmer Medico-Historical Library.

The Alvin consortium will work to solve the problems faced by archives, libraries and museums regarding the long-term preservation of digital collection materials. An additional goal is to help make these digitized collections available to researchers, teachers and the general public.

Contact and more information:

Lars Burman, Library Director at Uppsala University Library lars.burman@ub.uu.se tel. 0704-25 03 69

About Alvin: http://info.alvin-portal.org/

Search in Alvin: http://www.alvin-portal.org/alvin/