Digital library of numismatic literature

8 januari 2019

Detail from engraving depicting ancient gods with wings with a pot of coins

Uppsala University Library's unique collection of early numismatic literature is currently digitised and made available online. The digitisation is funded by Gunnar Ekström Foundation for Numismatics.

The collection includes books from some of Sweden's most prominent numismatics book collections. Here are books previously owned by Carl Didrik Ehrenpreus, Johan Henrik Schröder, Evald Ziervogel, Eric Götlin, and many others. The books show provenance and use by marginal notes, ex libris and beautiful bands. Unlike most continental libraries, Uppsala has not suffered losses due to war. The collection is exceptionally well-preserved.

An ongoing project at Uppsala University Library is digitising the early numismatic literature for publication in Alvin to make it freely accessible to researchers and others around the world. This creates a digital numismatic library covering the most important European numismatic works from the 16th century to the 19th century.

The Digitisation is funded by Gunnar Ekström Foundation for Numismatics (

Image: Detail from frontispiece in Charles Patin’s Familiæ Romanæ in antiquis numismatibus, ab urbe condita, ad tempora divi Augusti, printed in Paris 1663.