Ahead of the Curve: Open Science - unlock your research

  • Date: –16:30
  • Location: Geobiblioteket, Geocentrum, Villavägen 16
  • Lecturer: Aina Svensson, head of the Electronic Publishing Centre at the University Library Pernilla Näsfors, digital communications consultant working with open data and global partnerships through her own company Openhearted AB.
  • Organiser: Uppsala universitetsbibliotek och institutionen för geovetenskaper
  • Contact person: Erik Bergsten
  • Föreläsning, Utbildning, Seminarium

This lecture and workshop is about the future developments of open science and will focus on Open Access and Open Data.  What does this mean for you as a researcher? What does it mean for the future of academia? How can you take advantage of these developments? Lets unlock you research!

More information and registration: http://www.geo.uu.se/ahead/open-science

Ahead of the Curve


We proudly present Ahead of the Curve - a seminar series and PhD course on science communication

Ahead of the Curve is arranged by the Department of Earth Sciences in collaboration with the University Library for the benefit of researchers in all disciplines. Starting in late november 2016 we present a series of seminars on different topics within science communication. Our overall aim is to discuss what is going on in science communication, and look ahead to future developments. There will be two invited speakers at each seminar, and we will be picking the brains of both internal and external experts.