Search help

In the Library search service you can search most of the Library’s books, periodicals, etc. Write one or a couple of words into the search box, and click “Search”.

Find books at the Library

The search service shows hits on words from the content of book chapters and periodical articles, not just the title, author name and subject work. The result list then shows entire books and periodical articles, together with individual book chapters and articles.

Some results in the search service may be references to articles or books that Uppsala University Library does not have access to, either in its printed collections or electronically. This is because you get hits from many different databases to which the Library has access – both full text databases and reference databases. When this happens, you can choose to request an interlibrary loan or make a purchase suggestion for the material that you are looking for.

Are you getting too many hits?

If you are getting too many results, you can delimit them by ticking one or several alternatives in the left margin. For example, if you only want hits on material you can read direct online, you should select “Full text” under “Refine search”. If you are only interested in books, you can tick “Book/E-book” under “Publication type”. You can find more delimitation opportunities in advanced search interface.

Can you not find what you are looking for?

  • The periodicals list is a summary of the Library’s printed and electronic periodicals.
  • The database list contains a complete list of the search resources the Library offers. Many databases in Sweden and within law cannot yet be searched via the search service. Another reason for searching an individual database may be that it offers more specific search opportunities on its own platform.
  • You can search for material within your subject in the Subject guides. Here you can find link tips, databases, encyclopaedias and other aids.
  • There are more library catalogues where you can search older publications that cannot be found via the search system.


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