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Uppsala University published The Uppsala University Yearbook between 1861-1961. Since that time, publications have been divided into various series under the collective title of Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis (AUU). A list of the series in AUU can be found under Titles of Series. A number of these, however, have been suspended.

The purpose of AUU is to disseminate the works of scholars and scientists at Uppsala University, partly through sales of printed books, partly electronically through the DiVA portal of Uppsala University Library. This work is led by an editorial committee appointed by the Vice Chancellor of the university, with representatives from all the faculties of the university. Each series has its own appointed series editor.

For further information about AUU contact the chairman of the editorial committee, Professor Helena Grennberg (helena.grennberg@kemi.uu.se), the secretary, librarian Åke Bertenstam (ake.bertenstam@ub.uu.se), or the coordinator Mattias Bolkéus Blom, PhD (mattias.blom@ub.uu.se).

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Enquiries about book orders should be sent to acta@ub.uu.se.

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Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis
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