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FAQ - registration and publication of student papers in DiVA

We have collected some common questions and answers about registering and publishing in DiVA on this page. Can't find the answer to your question? Please contact us at DiVA Helpdesk.

Is there a template for student papers?

No, there is no general template for student papers. Some departments have their own templates that you should use, ask at your department if you are unsure.

Do I have to fill in all fields when I register a student paper?

No, you don't have to, but there are certain required fields:

  • Author (first name, last name)
  • Department
  • Title and language
  • Level and university credits
  • Year and Number of pages
  • National subject category

In addition to these fields there are often other compulsory fields depending on educational programme/course. Check with your department if you are unsure.

How do I select department or section?

You can either search for the department's name or browse for it in the organisation tree - see our short instructional film.

It is important to select the correct department or section. Check with your department if you are not sure what you should select.

I registered my student paper some time ago but cannot find it in DiVA, why is that?

There may be various reasons why your paper has not been published:

  • The course administrator that has to approve publication has not had time to do that yet because of a heavy workload (usually at the end of the semester when many student papers are submitted for publication), or there is something wrong with your registration. If it takes too long for your paper to be published, talk directly to the responsible contact person at your institution (new window)
  • Department or series has not been registered correctly and thus the course administrator who has to approve publication cannot see your paper on his/her list. Contact DiVA Helpdesk to solve the problem.
  • Your department or educational programme does not yet publish student papers in DiVA, and thus there is no administrator who can approve publication. If your department or educational programme is not on the lists of student paper publishing departments contact DiVA Helpdesk. We will publish your student paper after having contacted your department.

Must paper records of student papers be kept even when they are published in DiVA?

It is now possible to archive student papers digitally in DiVA. Contact the university archive univark@uadm.uu.se to receive clearance to switch to digital archiving.

Please note that your institution needs the green light from the university archive before you can stop archiving paper records. Until such a confirmation is received, paper records must be archived.