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About DiVA

Search interface DiVADiVA – Academic Archive Online - is Uppsala University's system for digital publishing and for registering publications produced by researchers, teachers and students. Uppsala University Library develops and maintains DiVA.

DiVA at Uppsala University contains more than 30,000 publications in full text, mostly doctoral theses and student papers, but also reports, articles and other types of publications. In addition the database holds around 150,000 references to publications produced by the University's researchers and other employees. Registration of bibliographic information started in 1995, but there are older publications too.

University decision

All doctoral students must post their doctoral theses electronically in DiVA. In addition doctoral students publishing compilation theses are obliged to publish the comprehensive summary in full text. 

In order to increase visibility and availability of publications by the University's researchers, extra funding has been allocated to the development of Open Access publishing at Uppsala University. See the Rektorsbeslut (Vice Chancellor's decision) and the beslutsunderlag (underlying documentation) (PDF) (both of which are in Swedish only). 

The purpose of DiVA

  • To provide researchers and students at Uppsala University with a simple way to make their publications visible and available.
  • To create a common finding tool for the University's publications.
  • To facilitate annual reports and statistical analyses of publications by researchers active at Uppsala University.
  • To provide long term preservation and secure access to the University's publications in the future.
  • To spread information about publications from Uppsala University to other databases and finding tools.

More information about DiVA at Uppsala University.


DiVA is a freely accessible full text archive. This means that everyone with access to the Internet has the right to read, download, print out and copy the resources that are published in DiVA. For all other uses e.g. republication, the author's permission is required. The author always retains all copyright for his or her work that is published in DiVA.

Read about DiVA's publishing conditions.

DiVA portal

The DiVA portal is a common finding tool for academic publications and student papers that are produced at 44 universities, colleges of higher education, research institutes and museums. 

All universities and publicly financed research institutions both in Sweden and abroad are welcome to join DiVA consortium.


DiVA Helpdesk-team
E-mail: diva-helpdesk@ub.uu.se
Phone: 018-471 39 57, 070-425 01 44