Booking a schedule

No later than 14 weeks before your thesis, you should request a schedule for the production of your thesis. Production starts about 3–4 weeks before the public posting. The schedule may be affected by holidays and working days between holidays and weekends. Request a schedule for production of your thesis.

Information session on thesis production

This session is for you, who have requested a time plan and will be sending your thesis to Thesis Production within a time frame of 4–5 weeks. We recommend all PhD and licentiate students to participate to make the process as smooth as possible.

Dates for information sessions on thesis production

Printing your thesis


  • Install and use our thesis template. Thesis Production offers template support for Word 2010, 2013 and 2016 for Windows and Word 2011 and 2016 for Mac.
  • Check with your supervisor to see which thesis series applies to you.
  • Contact the journals/publishers where your articles are published to get permission to include these in your thesis.
  • Register your thesis in DiVA. If it is a comprehensive summary, you first need to register your composite papers. See the guides here.
  • If proofreading is needed, remember to book it well in advance so that all material is ready when it is time to send it to Thesis Production.
  • Check our pricelist if you would like to get a rough idea of what your thesis will cost.


It is important to follow the agreed-upon schedule in order to guarantee delivery on the appointed date. Therefore, make sure that you have complete, proofread and corrected material on the date of submission.

  • Fill in the order form. It is fine to photograph/scan it.
  • Upload your complete thesis (with composite papers), order form and list of what diagrams/pages of your summary and articles are to be printed in colour via MyFiles. You will receive the invitation to MyFiles about one week before the submission date.

Proofing and printing

  • Within 1–2 business days, you will get back a proof. You now have the opportunity to make any final changes.
  • Thesis Production completes the final version of your thesis. If any new errors are detected, these must be published in a separate errata list.
  • The thesis is then sent to the printer. After 2–3 days you must review the printed proof at Thesis Production to detect any printer’s errors.
  • After your approval, the thesis goes to press and is delivered to one address in Uppsala as agreed, usually in the afternoon.

If you are not printing your doctoral thesis via Thesis Production

Register your posting details in DiVA for electronic posting well in advance of the posting date. Instructions for registrations in DiVA.

  1. Contact Thesis Production in order to receive an abstract and title page before you print your thesis.
  2. Send your thesis in PDF-format to Thesis Production using MyFiles.
  3. If you publish a monograph thesis and want it available in DiVA (electronic publishing), make an appointment with Thesis Production in order to sign a publishing agreement.
  4. Complete your posting by delivering 10 printed copies of your thesis to the caretakers office (Postal and Delivery Services) at Carolina Rediviva and signing a posting receipt.

Any other support and assistance will be charged an hourly rate of SEK 850.

Register in DiVA

Posting your thesis

Before the public defence of your thesis, you should make your dissertation public by posting the date of the defence. According to the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance, doctoral theses should be posted at least three weeks before the public defence. According to a decision by the Vice-Chancellor, electronic posting is the only mandatory posting. This means that the posting information – the abstract as well as the time and place of the public defence – is published on the University’s website. Posting is done in two steps:

  1. To post your thesis, you must first have registered it in DiVA. You do this when submitting your files to Thesis Production.
  2. Submit 10 printed copies of the thesis to Carolina Rediviva’s Caretakers Office.

Upon delivery you will receive a posting receipt confirming that the thesis has been posted. Once this is done, your thesis is made public. If you are unable to post in person, you are welcome to send a representative with proxy authorisation to do the posting and leave the books.

The Caretaker’s Office offers drop-in for posting matters during office hours. Contact: +46 18 471 39 28 (Postal Services)

Thesis templates

Thesis templates are available for Word and LaTeX.

Microsoft Word

Download the template with instructions for your version of Word:

LaTeX and XeLaTeX

The template is created and tested with TeX Live and works well with other distributions. Please feel free to include additional packages, but remember to keep the overall design.

Please note! Thesis Production does not offer support for the LaTeX template.

Download Thesis template for LaTeX

TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange Q&A

Courses and support

Using the thesis template for Word and making good images for print

This course is for those who use the thesis template for Word. You can participate no matter how far along you are in your writing. The course starts with a presentation in English and ends with a hands-on exercise in which you – with supervision – will have the opportunity to become familiar with the thesis template.

Dates for "Using the template thesis for Word and making good images for print"

Thesis support on site

On certain occasions during the autumn we will be available on the different campuses to help you with any questions concering your thesis work. If you have practical problems related to your thesis, please bring your laptop so we can take a look.

Upcoming dates for Thesis support on site


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Comprehensive summaries
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Comprehensive summaries
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