Information regarding Elsevier

Sweden's Universities, through the Bibsam consortium, have cancelled their agreement for journals with publisher Elsevier as of June 30th. Due to this, articles published after that date will not be available for researchers at Uppsala University. Articles published before will be available as usual.

The Bibsam Consortium (administered by The Royal Library/Kungliga biblioteket) have decided not to renew the agreement with Elsevier since Elsevier cannot meet new demands of Open Access for their publications. However, negotiations will continue.

The Bibsam Consortium is acting on recommendation from the vice chancellors of all Swedish universities, since Elsevier have been unable to meet the demands for Open Access publishing.

The Library's subscriptions from Elsevier, such as e-books and databases, are not affected by the cancellation.

Presentation from the information meetings on 21 and 22 August

Elsevier journals included in the agreement

Ordering article copies

You can request a copy of articles from Elsevier journals. As long as there is no agreement for journal articles with Elsevier, there is no cost associated with requesting any articles for researchers associated with Uppsala University. About interlibrary loans.


Beeing a researcher, can I still choose to publish in, be an editor for and/or review scholarly articles in Elsevier journals?


In Finland many researchers chose to support the Finnish consortium FinELibs negotiations with Elsevier by not agreeing to review articles for Elsevier: ”No deal, no review”

In Germany, where negotiations with Elsevier have stalled, researchers resign editorship of Elsevier journals to support the German Universities' negotiations with Elsevier

If you are considering publishing Open Access in a journal from another publisher it might be good to know that researchers at Uppsala University sometimes are eligible for discounts on article-processing charges for open access articles.

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