Westin Collections

The tanner and alderman Jacob Westin donated his large and valuable collection of printed works, pictures, maps and manuscripts to Uppsala University Library at the time of its 4th centenary in 1877. Westin's collection was one of the largest and most valuable collections ever donated to the University Library collected by a single person.
Important subject areas for Jacob Westin, the collector, were geography, history, topography and literature and also genealogy and biographies. The Westin Collection spans from the 15th century to the 1870s.

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Jacob Westin (1810-1880) was a tanner by profession, and owned a tannery business. In 1857, Westin became a full-time collector. The Westin book collection contains 22,256 volumes, spanning a period from the 15th century to the 1870s. The manuscript collection consists of around 1,800 volumes, with a geographic emphasis on Stockholm. The collections also include maps and images such as drawings and graphic sheets. The entire collection was donated by Westin to Uppsala University Library in 1877 in connection with the library’s 400th anniversary. He was awarded an honorary doctorate.


The following catalogues are in Carolina Rediviva's catalogue room and have been created by Westin himself or on his orders.

  • Westin's printed collection (looseleaf catalogues).
  • Westin's collection of Swedish newspapers (looseleaf catalogues).
  • Westin's collection of charts and posters (card catalogue).

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