The Vadstena Diary, or Diarium Vastenense, portrays life in the Vadstena Convent in the years 1384-1545 A.D. The entries tell of the initiation of new members, deaths, visits to the Convent and many other things. The role of the Convent in the thriving Order of St. Bridget led to a number of journeys and collaboration with newly established convents throughout Europe. The manuscript also contains a number of entries on events outside the world of the Bridgettine nuns, stories of war and uprisings in late medieval Sweden.

Pages 214 and 215 of the Vadstena Diary. This is partly about Gustav Eriksson Vasa's visit to Vadstena in 1521, when he was proclaimed Head of State.

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Further reading

Vadstenadiariet: Latinsk text med översättning och kommentar [Latin text with translation and commentaries in Swedish], utgivet genom Claes Gejrot, Stockholm, 1996


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