Palmskiöld Collection

The collection is named after Elias Palmskiöld (1667-1719) and comprises around 500 volumes, mainly about Sweden in the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century.

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Elias Palmskiöld worked all his life in and for archives. He was the son of the "archive secretary", i.e. the head of Sweden's National Archives. He took over the position in 1702, but he was also a great collector himself. Collecting documents to save information is a basic instinct for archivists and often also for the private collector. Collecting, saving and copying to preserve and proliferate documents became his way of life. He collected archival material, both originals and copies, but also printed books and ephemera. He himself made a great number of copies and in addition he used copyists. Thanks to his efforts we have access today to numerous documents whose originals were lost in the Palace fire of 1697, as well as some very rare imprints.  

The Palmskiöld Collection

The volumes in the Palmskiöld Collection are uniformly bound with charactistic spines made of parchment. History, topography and genealogy are the dominant subjects - no fewer than 61 volumes are dedicated to Swedish family names - making the collection extremely useful for research into Swedish surnames and place names. Law, theology and poetry are also present. 

Uppsala University purchased the collection from Palmskiöld's widow in 1724.    

Source: Munkhammar, Lars: "Collectors", in The Apples of their Eyes - collectors' collections at Uppsala University Library, ed. Xtina Wootz, (Uppsala universitetsbiblioteks utställningskataloger 47) 2008. 


A typed catalogue of the Palmskiöld Collection is available at the Section of Manuscripts and Music in Carolina Rediviva. Download the catalogue (≈73 MB).

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