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Opera singer Nils Svanfeldt's archive

Nils Svanfeldt (1880-1959) is one of Uppsala’s many fascinating cultural figures. During his lifetime he became a popular musician, both at home in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe.

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The Svanfeldt family settled in Uppsala when father Nils Petter Svanfeldt took over the city’s main hotel in 1871. It was at the hotel, in the heart of Uppsala, that Nils and his siblings spent their childhoods. The family ties remained strong throughout his career and life, and he was particularly close to his brother Henrik Svanfeldt and his sister Blenda Flodman. These sibling relationships can now be studied thanks to more than forty letters in the archive written by Nils to his sister and around 170 letters from Nils to his brother.

The archive is relatively small, at just two volumes, but is also rich and varied. In addition to the letters, there are also many newspaper cuttings including reviews of Svanfeldt’s performances, programme sheets from Sweden and Germany, and photographs depicting Nils in his various roles. The collection also includes handwritten manuscripts.

The material has now been listed in Alvin, and is available for study in the special reading room at the Carolina Rediviva Library.

The archive has been organised by Pontus Bäckström, a student at the Manuscript and Music unit.


Nils Svanfeldt’s Archive is just one of the archives for which the catalogue has now been made more easily accessible. The work involved in cataloguing the personal archives held by Uppsala University Library has been supported by a generous donation from the late librarian Greta Renborg. 

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