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Gimo Collection

The Gimo Collection got its name because it was kept at Gimo Manor in Uppland where the Lefebure family lived for a period of time.

Gimo Collection was created by Jean Lefebure, a Swedish businessman of Huguenot descent, and his teacher Bengt Ferrner during their travels together on the continent in the 1758-1762. It consists of commercially produced copies of opera arias, overtures, sonatas etc. that they bought in the cities of northern Italy and it reflects the taste of the times. In the Collection there is a considerable repertoire for the mandolin.

The illustrated title page of an overture by Pietro Crispi [shelfmark: Gimo 81]

The Gimo Collection was donated to Uppsala University Library in 1951 by a doctor from Gävle called Gustaf Brun (1886-1958). Seven years later the Library also received his valuable book collection. 

Davidsson, Åke, Catalogue of the Gimo Collection. Uppsala 1963.

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