Danica vetera

This collection consisting of 424 Danish 16th century printed items, in 360 volumes, is the largest of its kind in Sweden.

The core of the collection was added to Uppsala University Library in the 17th century. 50 volumes were donated in 1959 by Gustaf Bernström, a Swedish bibliophile, most of them bound by the well-known Swedish book-binder Gustaf Hedberg. 
There is a card catalogue of the collection in the catalogue room at Carolina Rediviva with references to Lauritz Nielsen, Dansk bibliografi 1482-1550 and Dansk bibliografi 1551-1600.  

The Danica vetera collection has also been registered in the national union catalogue Libris, as well as in the local catalogue Disa. For a list covering the titles of the Danica vetera collection:


  • Nielsen, Lauritz, Dansk bibliografi: med særligt hensyn til dansk bogtrykkerkunsts historie. ­ København, 1919-1935. ­ 3 vol.
    1482-1550. ­ 1919. ­ xlvii, 247 pp.
    1551-1600. ­ 1933. ­ xliii, 677 pp.
    Registre til Dansk bibliografi 1482-1550 & 1551-1600. - 1935. ­ 126 pp.

  • Sallander, Hans, Gustaf Bernströms samling av dansk 1500-tals litteratur: några notiser (In: Nordisk tidskrift för bok- och biblioteksväsen, vol. 56 (1969), pp. 236-251)


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