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The Cimelia Collection

The word 'cimelia' comes from Greek, and means treasures, jewellery. The Cimelia Collection at Carolina Rediviva can be considered as a synthetic collection - books of special interest have been selected from different collections and gathered here.

The librarian Dr. Hans Sallander in this way created this collection in order to locate it in the Book Hall at Carolina Rediviva at the time for the 350th anniversary of the library in 1970. There it encompasses ca 35 meters on the shelves. The principles for the selection are somewhat obscure, however it appears that Sallander wanted to collect especially interesting books from a book historical point of view, on the one hand important issues of epoch-making works, on the other typographical landmarks and curiosities.

The bindings, however, seemingly were not very interesting. For these he had created another special collection - the Book Binding Collection - in the same hall and with the same method.


For the books of the Cimelia Collection there is a special card catalogue, but the books can also be found in the general catalogues of the library.


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