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Photo of stack of books from Brun's library

The Swedish physician Gustaf Brun (1886-1958) from Gävle was a book collector, who collected his favorite authors and the great classics in exclusive issues. His library contains ca 2000 volumes.

The collection consists mainly of books in the humanities: history, cultural history, art, music, medieval philosophy and old French literature, etc.

The editions have often been selected from English, French and German printing houses as Kelmscott Press and Ashendene Press. Fourteen volumes in the collection are very rare books printed on parchment in only a few copies.

Almost all the books in the collection have been rebound in the 1900s and the original bindings are lacking. Most of the books are bound by Hedberg's bookbindery to the court in Stockholm. Hundreds of them are bound in leather bindings and some of them by Arvid Hedberg himself. Each book in the collection is marked "Med[icine] Dr Gustaf Bruns gåva" (Donation of medical doctor Gustaf Brun) followed by a unique assigned number.

In accordance with his will, Gustaf Brun left his book collection to the Uppsala University Library at his death. But the books are only a part of Brun’s gifts to the library. Here is also the major part of his art collection as well as some of his furniture in different 18th-century styles. This furniture is now in some of the halls of representation at Carolina Rediviva.

Gustaf Brun donated as early as 1951 the famous Gimo-collection to the library, a collection of rare Italian Music pieces:


The Brun book collection can be found in the library's Catalogue -1962.

A card catalogue of the collection by Dr. Hans Sallander is only accessible through the Special Collections Division.


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