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Oriental Manuscripts

At Carolina Rediviva there is a valuable collection of oriental manuscripts. This grew from the acquisitions made by Swedes on their journeys and missions in foreign climes during the 17th and 18th centuries.

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The Library's oriental manuscript collection includes:

  • 520 in Arabic
  • 305 in Persian
  • 460 in Turkish - a part of which has been digitized
  • approx. 50 in Hebrew and Aramaic
  • approx. 75 in Ethiopian languages
  • a small number in other oriental languages such as Armenian, Mongolian, Pali, Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam and Tibetan

We have more recently acquired a large collection of microfilms of Arabic, Persian and Turkish manuscripts, mainly from Turkey.

Some examples of oriental manuscripts in the collections

  • al-Hiyal al-ruhaniya by al-Farabi, an Arabic manuscript on geometry from the 11th century [O Vet. 27]
  • Jalal u Jamal, a love poem from Persia, richly illustrated with miniatures, 1502-1503  [O Nova 2]
  • Koran dated 1090, written on parchment [O Bj 48]
  • Rubáiyát, Omar Khayyám's quatrains, i.e. 4 lined poems, on the art of enjoying life, approx. 18th century [O Nova 42]
  • Shahname by Firdawsi, in a Turkish translation with magnificent miniatures, 1620-1621 [O Cels. 1]


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