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The archives of Harald Hjärne

During his time, the historian, writer and politician Harald Hjärne (1848-1922) was well-known in Uppsala. His reputation also spread beyond Sweden.

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Hjärne’s contributions within the field of historical science cannot be overestimated. He published many books on Swedish history, together with a number of political publications. In addition to his political involvement, Hjärne was also a member of most societies and academies, including the Swedish Academy and the Swedish Historical Society. The Hjärne family has included a number of other notable members, such as the physician Urban Hjärne (1641-1724) and the state councillor Gustav Adolph Hjärne (1715-1805).

Harald Hjärne’s Archive was presented to Uppsala University Library in 1969, and includes many of his inspiring lectures and notes on Swedish and foreign history. The archive also contains more than 4,000 letters dealing with both history and politics, and documents relating to other members of the Hjärne family.

Until recently, the catalogue of the archive was only available in typewritten form at the Carolina Rediviva Library. However, it is now also available online: Catalogue of the Harald Hjärne Collection.

Extract from Hjärne’s lecture of 15 October 1883



Harald Hjärne’s Archive is just one of the archives for which the catalogue has now been made more easily accessible. The work involved in cataloguing the personal archives held by Uppsala University Library has been supported by a generous donation from the late librarian Greta Renborg. 

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