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The archives by Einar Malm, expert on North American Indians, now cataloged

Einar Malm (1900-1988) was a writer and artist, and an expert authority on Native Americans. His works on Native American history comprise half a dozen books and many journal articles. In 1988, Einar Malm’s personal archive was gifted to Uppsala University Library, and it has now been organised and itemised in Alvin, a platform for digital collections and digitized cultural heritage.

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Native Americans of North America

An example from the archive shows that Malm’s interest in Native Americans was awakened at an early age: a manuscript signed Einar Malm 3 which, in addition to being bound as a real book, has also been beautifully produced and illustrated by the dedicated 17-year-old.

Einar Malm: illustrated title page of his hand-written juvenilia work on Native Americans


Bear dance

The young researcher adds as a postscript to his work: “This book was started on the 21st day of the second month of the year of our Lord 1917, and was completed at 7 p.m. on the 11th day of the fourth month. This book is the only copy, written by the author’s own hand. To make doubly sure, all the draft versions of the essays included have been burnt.”


Einar Malm’s Archive is just one of the archives for which the catalogue has now been made more easily accessible. The work involved in cataloguing the personal archives held by Uppsala University Library has been supported by a generous donation from the late librarian Greta Renborg

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