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Recently catalogued archives in Alvin

Continuous work is carried out at the Manuscript and Music unit to catalogue Uppsala University Library’s personal and departmental archives – known as individual archives – Alvin, a platform for digital collections and digitized cultural heritage.

This work has been supported by a generous donation from the late librarian Greta Renborg. The following list, which is updated regularly, details the latest archives to be catalogued in Alvin. The links lead to the catalogue items.


Dahlgren, Ossian (1888-1976), botanist, biologist

The Guilletmot Family Archive

Paul, Adolf (1863-1943), writer


Abenius, Margit (1899-1970), writer, literary critic

The Alin Manuscript Collection (Oscar Alin, 1846-1900, professor)

Almquistiana (Carl Jonas Love Almqvist, 1793-1866, author, and other members of the Almquist family)

Ambrosiani, Sune (1874-1950), cultural historian, museologist

Andrae, Ellen (1889-1965)

Arrhenius, Johan Petter (1811-1889), botanist and agronomist

The Aske Collection

Baumbach, Axel Herman Kristofer (1857-1931), graduate

Beckman, Bengt Alexander (1881-1935), physicist, and Beckman, Anna (1885-1973), physicist

Bortkiewicz, Ladislaus von (1868-1931), statistician

Boye, Karin (1900-1941), writer

The Cederström Archive (of and relating to the Cederström family)

Drake, Sigrid (1878-1930), senior lecturer

Ekelöf, Gunnar (1907-1968), writer. Find out more about the Ekelöf Archive

Enequist, Gerd (1903-1989), geographer and professor

Engländer, Richard (1889-1966), musicologist

Forsberg, Iris (1910-1995), artist’s model

Fridegård, Jan (1897-1968), writer

Fries, Carl (1895-1982), PhD

Fröding, Gustaf (1860-1911), writer. Find out more about the Fröding Archive

Gustafsson, Lars (born 1936), writer and professor

The Gustavian Collection (King Gustav III)

Göthe, Maja (1897-1995)

Göthe, Gustaf (1882-1956), educationalist

Hamberg, Axel (1863-1933), geologist and professor

Helander, Per Josef (1870-1905), PhD and curate

Hellberg, Johan Carl (1815-1877), journalist and post office regional director

Henschen, S(alomon) E(berhard) (1847-1930), physician

Herdin, Karl Wilhelm (1854-1940)

Herrlin, Olof (1914-1992), bishop

Hjärne, Harald (1848-1922), professor and politician. Find out more about the Hjärne Archive

Höjer, Torvald (1876-1937), historian and diplomat

Indebetou, Carl Gustaf (1801-1893), member of the Swedish Riksdag, and Indebetou, Daniel (1772-1818), mill owner

Kieseritzky, Fjodor von (1901-1946), linguistic researcher and Orientalist

The Killander Family Archive

Knorring, Sophie von (1797-1848)

Kolmodin, Johannes (1884-1933), historian and diplomat

Kruse, Charles Samuel (1866-1937), physician

Lidman, Sara (1923-2004), writer

Lind, E(rik) H(enrik) (1849-1931), librarian, onomatologist

Linder, Nils (1835-1904), linguistic researcher

Linderholm, Emanuel (1872-1937), theologian and professor

Lämmerhirt, Karin (1872-1968), teacher

Malm, Einar (1900-1988), author, artist, Native American expert. Find out more about the Malm Archive

Martinson, Harry (1904-1978), writer. Find out more about the Martinson Archive

Meyer, Ernst (1854-1914), literary historian, librarian

Milveden, Ingmar (1920-2007), musicologist, composer and church organist

Montelius, Oscar (1843-1921), archaeologist and Director General of the Swedish National Heritage Board

Mörner, Robert (1866-1961), teacher and officer

Nilsson, Bo (born 1937), composer

Nilson, Peter (1937-1998), astronomer and writer

Nyberg, H. S. (1889-1974), Orientalist and professor

The Olaus Petri Foundation (1908-)

The Philochoros Student Association Archive (1880-)

The Posse Manuscript Collection

Reding, Yngve (1879-1961), primary school teacher

The Ridderbjelke Family Archive

Ramberg, Ludwig (1874-1940), professor

Rosén, Seth (1883-1953), geologist and musicologist

Rosman, Holger (1871-1937), director

Rydberg, Carl Hugo Albert (1863-1921), secondary school teacher

Rääf, Leonhard Fredrik (1786-1872), archaeologist and collector

Sandberg, Fredrik (1837-1906), rector

Stiernstedt, Marika (1875-1954), writer

Stolpe, Sven (1905-1996), writer and researcher

Svanfeldt, Nils (1880-1959), opera singer. Find out more about the Svanfeldt Archive

Swedish patents of nobility and letters of nobility (originals)

Säve-Söderbergh, Gunnar (1910-1948), palaeontologist and geologist

Tegen, Gunhild (1889-1970), writer

Tamm, Alfhild (1876-1959), physician

Törnblom, Agnes (1856-1929), teacher

Törnquist, Algot (1890-1959), rector

Uppsala Humanistic Association (1896-)

Vahlquist, Bo (1909-1978), physician and professor

Westman, Karl Gustaf (1876-1944), professor and politician

Wiklund, K. B. (1868-1934), professor

Zöller, Egon (1847-1891), philosopher, and Zöller, Siri (1845-1896)

Ödman, Pelle (1838-1911), senior lecturer

Öhrvall, Hjalmar (1851-1929), professor and doctor of medicine

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