Traditional posting at Carolina Rediviva


The traditional posting will take place at Carolina Rediviva during the rebuilding of the University building.

Posting means that the PhD student publishes a summary of the thesis (abstract) along with details of the defense. With electronic posting means that the abstract and the information about the disputation will be published on the university website.

Electronic posting, which is the mandatory form of posting, takes place in two phases.

  1. The first is that you must register all the details about your disputation in DIVA.
  2. Then you must deliver at least 10 printed copies of your thesis to the caretakers office (Postal & Delivery Services) in Carolina Rediviva, where you sign a posting receipt. Read more about this below. (Note that the number of books you should leave at posting varies between different institutions.)

Traditional posting at Carolina Rediviva

A decision by the Vice Chancellor states that the only form of posting that is compulsory, is electronic posting. Traditional posting is now completely voluntary. If you want to put up a posting slip or nail up a thesis, bring it together with your posting receipt and show it in the reception at Carolina Rediviva (weekdays 9-16). Hammer and nail will be provided by the reception.

Read more about posting at Medarbetarportalen: