Medical Library

The Medical Library at the University Hospital will not be staffed as of the new year. However, it will be open as usual with access to group rooms and computers.

During the 2019 spring semester, all books and journals will be moved to the BMC Library as the hospital and University have decided to use this space for their lunchroom.

Questions and answers

What is happening with the Medical Library, is it shutting down?

No, but the Library will be unmanned from January 2019. You can reach the staff mainly through chat, phone or email via Ask the Library.

  • Group study rooms and computers will be available.
  • You can book an appointment for individual guidance and workshop as usual.
  • You can searh for and claim books.
  • Books can be borrowed and returned with automatic check out/return.

During the spring semester all books and journals will be moved to the BMC Library.

Why is this happening?

The Hospital and the University have decided to turn part of the Library's current premises into a lunch room. Therefore, printed books and journals will be moved to the BMC Library.

Why will the Library be unmanned?

Recent years there has been a decrease in patrons asking for help in the Medical Library, while requests for individual guidance and workshops have increased. When the Librarians no longer need to man the information desk they can be more available where they are more needed.

How do I access Uppsala County Council's e-resources?

You can access Uppsala County Council's e-resources through the Medical Library's website on Navet or by logging on to Proxive:

How do I access e-resources as an employee or a student?

As an employee or a student, you access e-resources through the University Library's website and logging in with your University credentials.

How can I access e-resources in the Library if I'm not employed by the University?

You will need guest credentials, which you can get at the information desk when you can show identification. If no Librarian is present, you can contact Ask the Library for more information. You can get guest credentials at any of our subject libraries.

Where can I get help if there is something wrong with a printer or EduPrint?



Phone: 018-471 39 00
twitter: @fragauub
Phone and chat available weekdays 9-18.