Ahead of the Curve – Outreach & Engagement

  • Date: –17:00
  • Location: Geocentrum Earth Sciences Library
  • Lecturer: Cissi Askwall & Martin Bergman
  • Organiser: Uppsala universitetsbibliotek & Institutionen för Geovetenskaper
  • Contact person: Erik Bergsten, Börje Dahrén
  • Utbildning

Ahead of the Curve - a seminar series and PhD course on science communication arranged by the department of Earth Sciences and the University Library. We aim to provide a roadmap for how to successfully and efficiently communicate science in the 2020's.

The final chapter of the first edition of Ahead of the Curve takes a look at the engagement with the public and surrounding society. The seminar will start with the latest research bill with the guidance of representative from the organization Vetenskap & allmänhet (VA). What does engagement actually means? You will get good examples and easy tips on how to include engagement with the public in your research.

The seminar will be concluded with you partaking in a larger study that is being done by VA about researchers’ attitudes and opinions concerning open science, engagement and the future of science communication. The partaking is anonymous and will result in a published report. This survey also works as the summary of this course and seminar series.


Martin Bergman - a researcher at VA (Public & Science) working on studies and surveys, such as VA’s annual barometer that investigates how the Swedish public views science and research. Martin holds a PhD in biology from Stockholm University. He has been active as a researcher at Arizona State University and Lund University. Martin worked as a consultant for the Technopolis Group, conducting programme evaluations, higher education related policy studies and research policy studies.

Cissi Askwall - Secretary General of VA since 2011. She has a diploma in Journalism from the University of Gothenburg and extensive experience as a news journalist and communications expert. Among other things she worked as Head of Communication at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. She is a member of several international expert and advisory groups and the vice president of European Science Engagement Association, Eusea.


Ahead of the Curve – Outreach & Engagement